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Here is a non-exhaustive list of projects I have been involved with professionally and personally over the years. Contact me if you are interested in the fine prints.

Novel Hydrophobic Plastic

Engineering Manager @ Biotix

Developed a novel method of introducing a hydrophobic surface inside the pipette tip for precision pipetting. This enables "low retention" of viscous and non viscous liquids while maintaining food and medical grade compatibility. This technology is transferable to other fields like consumer goods, food and beverage as shown by this latest application from Colgate on their toothpaste tubes.


Automated Tip Rejector

Engineering Manager @ Biotix

Designed an automated pipette tip rejecter that used computer vision based imaging techniques to detect and reject bad plastic parts. Worked with MX automation team to define the problem in hand, scope out a vision system and technology partner (COGNEX), devised the algorithm and implemented the segmentation steps to effectively reduce scrap by 40%.

2021-07-22 17_42_30-Pipette Tip Inspection Video - Multi Camera Solutions _ Tensor ID.png

Pallet Pattern Generator

Packaging Design Manager @ Niagara Bottling

Developed a pallet pattern generator codebase using C++ and an intuitive UI to generate optimized pallet pattern for brick and nested pack configurations. The user can input pallet overhangs and the preferred case size (24pk, 32pk, 48pk) and the generator would spit out the most optimized configurations for the pallet in questions. This helped approximate pallet weight and stability. A patent has been filed for this idea. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 9.50.22 PM.png

Functional Packaging Design

Packaging Design Manager @ Niagara Bottling

Applying the principals of design thinking and industrial design, my team and I developed various packaging concept for the water, juice, carbonated soft drink and even consumer cleaning product concepts. Our team executed the majority of the steps from cradle to grave including rough isometric sketches, concept generation, finite element simulation, physical prototyping 

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 10.11.15 PM.png

3D Scanning With Photogrammetry 

Packaging Design Manager @ Niagara Bottling

Created a novel 3D scanning method for packaging of any size. The package would be covered in a speckle pattern and then a set of panoramic images would be captured from different angles to form a point cloud database. An open source toolbox was then used to  declutter the data captures and generate the STL mesh. This mesh file can be later sliced and traced to reverse engineer the scanned geometry as G1/G2 tangent surfaces.

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